About us

Anamma began its journey about 20 years ago, long before vegan ended up on everyone’s lips. Our philosophy has always been based on the fact that vegan food should taste really good, and it makes no difference if you are a hardcore vegan or if you also enjoy meat once in a while.

There are many who want to eat more plant-based food, and our mission is to make that happen. Therefore, we are committed to making vegan food something that tastes really good and is easy for everybody to enjoy. All products from Anamma are always 100% vegan, meaning that we never use any animal ingredients in our products.

We manufacture all our products ourselves in our facilities in southern Sweden, and we always try to minimize the use of additives in our products. In cases where it can’t be avoided, we do so for important reasons, such as avoiding egg white.

Here at Anamma, we are passionate about introducing as many people as possible to the vegan cuisine. In doing so, we hope that we can make a great difference regarding the climate changes that are threatening our precious planet.

People eating vegetarian food.
People eating vegetarian food.

The development of our products has always been in close cooperation with our consumers. Your opinions are important to us and we would like to thank you all, our dear Anamma friends! Without you, Anamma would not exist.

At Anamma, we are passionate about vegan food and want more people to discover the vegan cuisine, so that we can make an effort together and reduce the climate impact on our planet. Our vision is a greener world and a sustainable future, and we believe that every vegan meal is a win for the climate. Therefore, we want to encourage more people to embrace the good, the simple and the positive of eating vegan.