Food and drinks account for approximately 25% of the global climate impact. Eating plant-based food such as products from Anamma is an easy way to reduce this impact.

Soy plants on a field.
Soy plants on a field.

We want to help spread information and knowledge about this, so that together we can make more conscious choices to reduce the impact on our planet. Therefore, we always indicate how much lower climate impact Anammas products have compared to equivalent animal products. This information can be found under each product page.

The climate impact of the products has been compared with consideration made to greenhouse gas emissions, calculated as kg CO2 equivalents per kilogram product*.

Vegan Anamma burgers.
Vegan Anamma burgers.

Our vision is a greener world and a sustainable future. Here at Anamma, we think it is important to be restrained with the earth’s resources. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that our ingredients need to be grown, transported, processed and packaged to end up in your shop.

Therefore, our endeavour to become as sustainable as we could possibly get, never comes to an end.

Important Facts

We always do our best to be as sustainable as possible, and here are some examples of what we do:

  • We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of our product packages. Our new packaging is climate-smart because they are mostly made of plastic from sugar cane instead of oil.
  • Energy is of course needed to prepare the Anamma products in our facilities in Simrishamn and Eslöv. A large part of the energy is supplied in the shape of electricity, so to reduce our climate footprint, we use 100% renewable electricity in our facilities. This is made possible through the use of Orkla’s own hydropower.
  • Most of the products from Anamma are based on soybean protein. Our soy protein is extracted from beans grown in Europe and the United States. The plantations are never in the rain forest areas, and our soy protein is of course not genetically modified (non-GMO). This is ensured by taking samples on each delivery.
  • All our soy is certified, which means that the crop meets different environmental requirements.


*Climate calculations for ingredients are based on RISE Climate Database for Food (Version 1.2) and on data from producers, and also on Orkla’s plant-specific process data and industry data for transportation.